Your organization will benefit immensely in terms of generating good will and branding among this select audience in this first of its kind Conclave and Awards function. Your sponsorships of the event will support the cause of women entrepreneurship and help tap their immense potential and showcase them to the World, beginning this year.

We have devised a number of Sponsorship Packages to help you to be associated with this event which will emerge as one of India's leading engagement platform with the Biotech Industry in the next few years.

Sponsorship Options:

1. The Event Main Sponsor : ₹750,000

The Conclave and Awards will be shown as "......Business Name......" Presents the Women Entrepreneurs in Biotechnology, India 2021 Conclave”

2. Sponsorship of Individual Awards : ₹200,000 each

It will be announced as "......Business Name......" Presents the Biotech Life Time Achievement Award 2021”

3. Key Note Session Sponsor : ₹100,000

The Awards function will be preceded by a 45-60 minutes Keynote Session to be attended by some of the country’s most high profile Biotech Industry Professionals

The Sponsor will be presented as "......Business Name......" Presents the Keynote Session”

4. Associate Sponsors : ₹50,000 each.

The Sponsor’s name will feature prominently in all the invitations, brochures, on the opening page of online platforms and other promotional activities related to the event. NOTE: All the Sponsorship amounts will be charged with the relevant taxes as applicable to the category.

We request you to contact

Dr. D. Sudhakaran, General Manager, GJBPW
Mobile No: +91 9444346362

The payments should be made to: